Jacobson, Sydney, Baron

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JACOBSON, SYDNEY, BARON (1908–1988), British editor and editorial director. Jacobson, born in South Africa, started his career as a reporter for the London Daily Sketch in 1928. He held various editorial positions on the paper and joined the Daily Mirror Group in 1951. The following year he became political editor of The Daily Mirror, the mass-circulation tabloid closely allied to the Labour Party. Ten years later, when the Mirror bought Odhams Press, he was appointed editor of The Daily Herald, the organ of the Labour Party, and in 1964 he became editor of The Sun, which succeeded the Herald. He was made editorial director in 1965 and in 1968 was named chairman of Odhams Newspapers. In June 1975 he was awarded a life peerage by the Labour government. Jacobson was a member of the British Press Council from 1968 to 1975.

[Stewart Kampel]