Jacobazzi, Domenico

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Cardinal and canonist; b. Rome, Italy, c. 1444; d. Rome, 1527. He became a consistorial lawyer at Rome in 1486 after studies in Roman and Canon Law at the University of bologna. In 1493 he became an auditor of the Roman Rota, of which he became dean in 1506. He was named vicarius urbis and bishop of Nocera dei Pagani in 1511 and a cardinal in 1517. His comprehensive work De concilio was written mainly during the Fifth lat eran council and published posthumously at Rome in 1538. Jacobazzi, a stanch defender of the papacy who held that the pope was not subordinate to a council or its decrees, nevertheless represented the view that in a state of emergency a council could be summoned without papal approval if the pope refused a formal request to convene one (see conciliarism).

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