Issachar Baer ben Solomon Zalman

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ISSACHAR BAER BEN SOLOMON ZALMAN (Klazki; d. 1807), Lithuanian talmudist. The brother of *Elijah b. Solomon Zalman the "Gaon of Vilna," he was also known as Issachar Baer Ashers, in accordance with the custom then prevailing, since his father-in-law was Asher Ginsberg. Issachar Baer wrote a commentary to the Pentateuch entitled Ẓuf Devash (unpublished), which is primarily a literal commentary but also includes elucidations of talmudic passages and a commentary on the Shulhan Arukh, Yoreh De'ah. He was also interested in secular learning and in a letter to the Amsterdam rabbi, Saul, dated 1775 (see Horowitz, in bibl.), he asked him to send him the Nicomachean Ethics of Aristotle, as well as some kabbalistic works.


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[Samuel Abba Horodezky]