Ibn Ezra, Solomon ben Moses

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IBN EZRA, SOLOMON BEN MOSES (d. 1688), Turkish rabbi. A pupil of Joseph *Escapa, he became dayyan at Smyrna, where because of his knowledge of Turkish he was appointed secretary of the community as well as its representative (kehaja) in its dealings with the Turkish authorities. He adopted a lenient attitude toward the Karaites. Several of his novellae are included in Battei Kenesiyyot (Salonika, 1806), a book of novellae and responsa written by his grandson Abraham ibn Ezra of Salonika. Solomon wrote a number of introductions and edited and compiled indexes to the works of other authors, including Ḥayyim *Benveniste's Keneset ha-Gedolah (Leghorn, 1658), and Jacob *Berab's responsa (Venice, 1663).


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Ibn Ezra, Solomon ben Moses

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