Ibn Ḥasan, Jekuthiel ben Isaac

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IBN ḤASAN, JEKUTHIEL BEN ISAAC (d. 1039), statesman and philanthropist. He was the patron of Solomon ibn *Gabirol who dedicated many of his poems to him. At times, however, he withheld his generosity, and Ibn Gabirol complained about this in some of his writings. Ibn Ḥasan filled an important post in one of the Muslim princedoms in Spain, where he also held a key position in the Jewish community and defended Jewish rights. Well-versed in Torah and halakhah, he seems to have tried his hand at writing poetry also. In 1039 he was deposed and executed. The circumstances of his downfall are unknown, but a year later it became evident that he had been innocent, and those responsible for his death were executed. Ibn Gabirol wrote three dirges in his memory.


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[Jefim (Hayyim) Schirmann]

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Ibn Ḥasan, Jekuthiel ben Isaac

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