Ḥunya (Neḥunya, Ḥanina) of Beth-Horon

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ḤUNYA (Neḥunya, Ḥanina) OF BETH-HORON

ḤUNYA (Neḥunya, Ḥanina ) OF BETH-HORON (Brat Hauran ), Palestinian amora of the early third century who lived in Hauran in Transjordan (S. Klein, Ever ha-Yarden ha-Yehudi (1925), 57f.), whence he would periodically visit Tiberias. It is said that when he crossed the Jordan it parted for him (tj, Av. Zar. 3:1, 42c). Virtually nothing is known of his life, but he is quoted by R. Johanan (Suk. 44a), R. Abba Zavda (tj, Suk. 4:1, 54b), and R. Joshua b. Levi (tj, Nid. 3:4, 50d; cf. TB, Nid. 25b). Living as he did in Transjordan, he interested himself in the eastern borders of Palestine (tj, Shev. 6:1, 36c; Klein, ibid., 54). He left a learned son, Uzziel (tj, Shab. 1:7, 4a), who also transmitted traditions in his father's name (tj, Ma'as. Sh. 5:1, 55d, et al.).


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Ḥunya (Neḥunya, Ḥanina) of Beth-Horon

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