Huntly, George Gordon, 1st marquis of

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Huntly, George Gordon, 1st marquis of [S] (1563–1636). Huntly played an important but erratic role in Scotland during the reign of James VI. He succeeded to the earldom at the age of 13 and in 1588 married the daughter of Esmé Stuart, duke of Lennox. In the same year he was involved in a rising with Spanish help but was soon restored to James's favour. In 1592 he was responsible for the murder of James Stewart, earl of Moray, and in 1594 was once more in rebellion, defeating a royal force at Glenlivet. But he retained James's favour and in 1599 was created marquis. His influence declined sharply after the death of James. After a good deal of religious temporizing he died a catholic.

J. A. Cannon

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Huntly, George Gordon, 1st marquis of

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