Horev (Sochaczewer), Amos

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HOREV (Sochaczewer), AMOS

HOREV (Sochaczewer ), AMOS (1924– ), Israeli military scientist and former president of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. Horev was born in Jerusalem. His father, Eliyahu Sochaczewer, invented many devices which were of great value in the battle for Jerusalem during the War of Independence and was one of the founders of the Army Industry Division, of which he was appointed technical director in 1947. Horev himself served in the Palmaḥ commando units in the Galilee and Jerusalem and, during the War of Independence, in the Southern Command, of which he was appointed chief of operations in 1949.

After graduating in mechanical engineering from mit, Horev was appointed director of the Israel General Staff's Department of Research and Development. From 1954 to 1962 he was chief of the Ordnance Corps, and after completing his postgraduate studies at mit (1962–64) he resumed the same office. In 1966, he was appointed deputy chief scientist of the Defense Establishment and, after serving from 1967 to 1972 as Quartermaster General, was appointed chief scientist. On October 1, 1973, he assumed office as president of the Technion, to which he was elected in January, succeeding Alexander *Goldberg. He held that position until 2001, when Yitzhak *Apeloig replaced him. He remained a member of the Technion board of governors.

Horev was appointed chairman of the commission named after him, established for Studying Issues of Aliyah and Absorption and the relative functions of the Ministry of Immigration, Absorption and the Aliyah and Absorption Department of the Jewish Agency in this regard.