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HERZOG, GEORGE (1901–1983), musicologist. Born in Budapest, Herzog studied at the Royal Academy of Music, Budapest (1917–19), at the Berlin Hochschule fuer Musik (1920–22), with Egon Petri (piano) in 1921, and became assistant to Hornbostel at the Phonogramm-Archiv in Berlin University (1922–4). In 1925 he immigrated to the United States and took a postgraduate course in anthropology at Columbia University. He held academic posts and was a research associate in anthropology at the University of Chicago (1929–31) and at Yale University (1932–5). He completed his doctorate at Columbia University in 1938 with a dissertation on the musical styles of Pueblo and Pima tribes and was an assistant professor of anthropology there (1939–48). In 1948 he became professor of anthropology at Indiana University, bringing with him the Archives of Folk and Primitive Music he had established in 1936, which became the Indiana University Archives of Traditional Music. Herzog was a founder of ethnomusicological studies at American academic institutions and introduced courses in primitive and folk music and comparative musicology. As one of the leading authorities on North Amerindian music, he conducted field research among such tribes as the Apache, Comanche, Dakota, Maricopa, Navaho, Pima, Pueblo, Yuma and Zuni. He was also interested in European folk music (Greek, Irish, Spanish and south Slav) and Jewish (Babylonian, Yemenite and Judeo-Spanish which he recorded among the immigrants in New York, 1939–1941). In 1935 and 1947 he was awarded Guggenheim Fellowships. His writings include Research in Primitive and Folk Music in the U.S. (1936), many articles such as "Speech – Melody and Primitive Music," in: Musical Quarterly, 20 (1934), 452–66; "Musical Typology in Folksong," in: Southern Folklore Quarterly, 1 (1937), 49–55), and contributions to leading encyclopedias.


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