Ḥanina (Hinena) Bar Papa

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ḤANINA (Hinena ) BAR PAPA (Pappi ; end of third and beginning of fourth century c.e.), Palestinian amora. Ḥanina belonged to the circle of R. Johanan's pupils, Abbahu, Isaac Nappaḥa, Ammi, etc., though he only once actually quotes R. Johanan himself (tj, bk 10:2, 71b.). He was renowned in the field of aggadah, and was considered an excellent preacher (Sot. 9a, et al.). He may have learned his aggadah from Samuel b. Naḥman whom he calls "rabbi" (tj, Shev. 4:3, 35b). He was considered a paradigm of holiness (Kid. 81a) and even the night spirits feared him. It is related of him that he distributed alms at night (tj, Pe'ah 8:9, 21b). When the Angel of Death came to take him, he requested another 30 days in which to revise his learning. The Angel of Death, who respected him deeply, granted this request, and when he died a pillar of fire separated him from the people (Ket. 77b).


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[Zvi Kaplan]