Ḥanina ben Antigonus

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ḤANINA BEN ANTIGONUS (first half of second century c.e.), tanna. According to the Talmud Ḥanina was a kohen (Bek. 30b), and it is seems that in his youth he lived in Jerusalem before the destruction of the Temple and was able to report certain details of that period (Tosef., Ar. 1:15; see also Kid. 4:5). Similarly, many of the teachings quoted in his name are on the subject of the Temple and its vessels (Bek. 6:3, 4, 10; Tosef., Shek. 3:15; Tosef., Suk. 4:15; et al.), which is the main subject matter of his quoted statements. He also transmitted a halakhic tradition in the name of R. Eleazar Ḥisma (Tosef., Tem. 4:10). It is told of his son that R. Judah and R. Yose sought his judgment on questions of ritual purity (Bek. 30b).


Hyman, Toledot, 479–80.

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Ḥanina ben Antigonus

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