Hangover Square

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Hangover Square ★★½ 1945

Foggy, gaslit London, 1903. High-strung composer George (Cregar) has periodic blackouts and thinks he's a murderer although the police clear him. Then he gets involved with lush music hall singer Netta (Darnell), who strings him along. When George discovers her betrayal, his black-outs get worse and he really does become a killer. And what happens to the two-timing Netta is still genuinely shocking. Cregar's last film—he died of a heart attack before its release. 77m/B DVD . Laird Cregar, Linda Darnell, George Sanders, Glenn Langan, Alan Napier; D: John Brahm; W: Barre Lyndon; C: Joseph LaShelle; M: Bernard Herrmann.