Hadriana Collectio

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Dionysio-Hadriana, an official canonical collection of the Roman Church, transmitted by Pope adrian i to charlemagne, at Easter 774, the time of the latter's stay in Rome. It was received officially as the Code of the Frankish Church at the Assembly of Aix-la-Chapelle in 802.

The core of this collection consists in the dionysiana collectio. However, the prefaces of Dionysius are replaced by an epistle in verse addressed by Adrian to Charlemagne. The conciliar series is preceded by a list of titles. It contains the Nicene Creed and the Creed of Constantinople, the definitio fidei of Chalcedon, the list of the Fathers of the various councils, and a few canons from them. The canons of Carthage are divided into two groups. The collection of decretals was increased by 15 fragments inserted in chronological order.

Early in the ninth century, the Hadriana Collectio was adapted to practical requirements in the Breviarium ad inquirendas sententias and in the Epitome Hadriani. It was used also by almost all the collections prepared between the ninth and the 11th centuries. As early as the ninth century, it was joined to the hispana collectio to form a composite collection, the Hadriano-hispanica. It is found in the penitentials of rabanus maurus, the Capitula episcoporum, the False Capitularies, the false decretals, the anselmo dedicata collectio, the libri de synodalibus causis of Regino of Prüm, the collection of abbo of fleury, the collection of Verona, and others. The authors of the great collections of the 11th and 12th centuries, burchard of worms, St. ivo of chartres, and even the Decretum of gratian reproduced, in many instances, the version of texts given in the Hadriana Collectio.

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