Haas, Solomon ben Jekuthiel Kaufmann

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HAAS, SOLOMON BEN JEKUTHIEL KAUFMANN (d. 1847), Moravian rabbi and author. Haas studied under Benjamin Wolf Loew, rabbi of Kolin, then became a member of the bet din of Holleschau and later rabbi of Strassnitz (Moravia). Haas is the author of glosses to all four parts of the Shulḥan Arukh. Those to Yoreh De'ah, Oraḥ Ḥayyim, and Even ha-Ezer were published under the title Kerem Shelomo (Pressburg, 1840, 1843, and 1846 respectively), which was highly praised by Moses *Sofer, Nehemiah *Trebitsch, and Haas's teacher Benjamin Wolf Loew. He later made extensive additions to it. Those to Ḥoshen Mishpat were published in the Likkutei Ḥaver ben Ḥayyim of F. Plaut (Munkács, 1855). Other works, still in manuscript, include a volume of sermons of considerable interest for the cultural history of the time, and a collection of poems, Benot ha-Shir (completed in 1820), consisting of secular songs and plays, some of them translated from German into Hebrew.


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