Gurfein, Rivka

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GURFEIN, RIVKA (1908–1983), Israeli author and literary critic. Born in Sanok, Poland, Gurfein graduated from the Cracow University. She joined Kibbutz Ein Shemer in 1932 and was appointed counselor of Youth Aliyah groups, and later cultural officer in the idf. She was a lecturer in general literature and Hebrew poetry in the Ḥaderah Community College and in the Institute for Supplementary Education for Teachers in Haifa. As a member of the editorial board of Devar ha-Po'elet, she contributed articles on literature, culture, and society, and published essays and articles on general and Hebrew literature in various journals such as Orlogin, Al ha-Mishmar, and Sedemot.

Gurfein literary essays include "Mi-karov u-me-Raḥok" (1964), "Im Shir" (1967), "Bi-Keriah Kashuvah" (1969), and "Le- Or ha-Katuv" (1972). She is also the author of novels: Ne'urim ba-Shemesh (1954), Kokhavim me-al ha-Gan (1964) – for which she was awarded the Ussishkin Prize, and Ta'am shel Beḥirah (1975). She received the Histadrut Y. Aharonovitch Prize and the Ḥayyim Greenberg Prize for her literary achievements and for her educational activities.