Gross-Zimmermann, Moshe

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GROSS-ZIMMERMANN, MOSHE (Gross ; 1891–1974), Yiddish essayist. Born in Boryslav, Galicia, Gross-Zimmermann lived in Vienna from 1908 and there wrote German impressionistic lyrics, one-act plays, and aphorisms, and edited a Yiddish newspaper Yidishe Morgenpost (1918–20). His essays on Yiddish, French, and German writers appeared in the Viennese Yiddish monthly Kritik, as well as in leading periodicals in Warsaw and New York. In 1938 he settled in Palestine, joined the staff of the Hebrew daily Davar, and continued publishing literary essays in the Yiddish press in Israel and New York. From 1950 he headed the Yiddish department of Israel's overseas broadcasts program, and his weekly feuilletons were widely listened to. In his essays, collected in the volumes Yidn Tsvishn Yidn ("Jews among Jews," 1956), Intimer Videranand ("Intimate Contradiction,"1964), and Dos Vort Vos Mir Shraybn ("The Word We Write," 1971), he displayed a personal style with a Galician idiomatic flavor.


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