Grace, Articles on

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The articles on grace deal with various aspects of the divine gift whereby God intervenes in the created universe and transforms the human person. The principal articles are: grace (in the bible) and grace (theology of); see also christian anthropology. Shorter articles treating of the nature of grace include grace, created and uncreated; indwelling, divine; habit (in theology). There are also individual articles on grace in its various infused forms: e.g., faith; hope; holy spirit, gifts of.

Many of the articles on grace are grouped around the antinomies that prompted the great historical controversies (see grace, controversies on; conversion and grace, controversies on). There are primarily three such antinomies. For grace and human cooperation, see, e.g., justification; justice, double; pelagius and pelagianism; semi-pelagianism; imputation of justice and merit; synergism; see also merit. For grace and human freedom, see, e.g., free will and grace; baius and baianism; jansenism; molinism; bÁÑez and baÑezianism; congruism; congregatio de auxiliis; premotion, physical; grace, efficacious; grace, sufficient; predestination (in catholic theology); predestination (in non-catholic theology). For grace and human nature, see, e.g., grace and nature; pure nature, state of; supernatural existential; elevation of man.

There are other articles as well that deal with the acquisition of grace and its effect on the human person. See especially conversion, ii (theology of); converts and conversion; redemption (theology of); and the numerous articles in sacramental theology (see sacraments, articles on).

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