Goyeneche y Barreda, José Sebastián de

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Peruvian prelate; b. Arequipa, Peru, Jan. 20, 1784;d. Lima, Feb. 19, 1872. He was successively in charge of the Diocese of Arequipa and the Archdiocese of Lima for 54 years during the period of transition between the viceroyalty and the republic. He completed his studies in Lima, and in 1804 and 1805 the University of San Marcos granted him the licentiate and the doctorate in theology and law. He practiced law for some time, but, having a vocation to the priesthood, he received Holy Orders in 1807. He was appointed bishop of Arequipa on April 14, 1817, and was consecrated on Aug. 2, 1818; he took over his see three months later. He rendered invaluable services to both Church and State as a participant in the historical process of the country's emancipation, contributing, at the ecclesiastical level, to the consolidation of the republican institutions. In contrast with many

others, he knew how to separate the highest interests of religion from political events. Once the revolution was accomplished, he collaborated loyally with the authori ties. Because of the prudence of his actions and his tact, he was respected by all, even though he was occasionally forced to maintain inflexibly the rights of the Church to safeguard the integrity of faith and discipline. In all con flicts provoked by the regalist civil power he showed his pastoral virtues and canonical knowledge.

As one of the few bishops who remained at their posts during the crisis of emancipation, he was able to at tend to the needs of the other dioceses of Peru and neigh boring republics. This task became easier when Pope Gregory XVI designated him apostolic delegate to Peru in 1832. He was promoted to the Archdiocese of Lima on Sept. 26, 1859, where he undertook the reform of the religious orders and continued the restoration of the semi nary that had been started by his predecessors.

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