Goytisolo, Juan

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Juan Goytisolo (hwän goitēsō´lō), 1931–, Spanish writer, b. Barcelona. Goytisolo is considered among the foremost novelists writing in Spanish in the late 20th cent. Much of his work focuses on injustice and moral emptiness in Spain under the Franco government. Goytisolo has lived for many years in France and has written literary criticism in French. Some of his later fiction was influenced by the French nouveau roman [new novel] (see French literature). Among his novels are Fiestas (1958, tr. 1960), The Party's Over (1962, tr. 1966), Marks of Identity (1966, tr. 1969), Count Julian (1970, tr. 1974), Juan the Landless (1975, tr. 1977), Makbara (1980, tr. 1981), Landscapes After Battle (1982, tr. 1987), The Virtues of the Solitary Bird (1988, tr. 1991), Quarantine (1991, tr. 1994), and State of Siege (1995, tr. 2002).

See his 1931–56 memoirs (1985, tr. 1989) and his 1957–82 memoirs (1986, tr. 1990); memoirs and studies by M. Ugarte (1982) and A. Six (1990).