Gorodok (Pol. Grodek Wilenski)

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GORODOK (Pol. Grodek Wilenski)

GORODOK (Pol. Grodek Wilenski ), town in *Molodechno district, Belarus. Jews started to settle there in the beginning of the 19th century. In 1897, they numbered 1,230, constituting 75% of the population. They owned most of the stores and many had auxiliary farms. Between the two world wars the town belonged to Poland. In 1921 the Jews numbered 990. Most of the children attended the Tarbut Hebrew school. Gorodok was occupied in June 1941. The approximately 1,500 Jews were imprisoned in a ghetto on March 13, 1942. Two hundred were sent to the Krasne labor camp and 400 followed on July 11, when the remaining 900 were murdered. The Krasne camp was liquidated in March 1943. Fugitives from the ghetto played an active role in the local partisan movement.


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