Glodesindis, St.

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Benedictine abbess; b. Metz, France, c. 570; d. c. 600. Her father, Duke Wintron of Champagne, tried to give her in marriage against her wishes; she fled and sought refuge in the cathedral of Metz. Her abbess aunt, Rotlinda, succeeded in calming the father's wrath and brought the young girl to Trier. There she was so well instructed in the rule and customs of monastic life that, returning to Metz, she founded a monastery that became known as Subterius (lower monastery) in contrast to the monastery above, Saint-Pierre de la Citadelle. Glodesindis united under her rule about 100 nuns. Her life was written at the end of the ninth century. In 840 Bp. drogo of metz had her relics placed in the church in Metz that now bears her name; SS. Peter and Sulpicius had formerly been the patrons of the church.

Feast: July 25 and 27.

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