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GLOBES , Israeli financial daily, established in 1983. Its founding editor was Uri Gotleib and its owners from 1984 were Haim Bar-On and Eliezer Fishman. The newspaper expanded over the years from supplying mostly financial data about the Israeli Stock Market to covering the gamut of Israeli finance, industry, and economics and key economic developments abroad. During Matti Golan's editorship in 1988–92, its circulation climbed to 22,500.

The newspaper's growth coincided with Israel's economic crisis in the 1980s caused by rampant inflation and subsequently the economic growth that accompanied the Likud's free market economics. Globes' growth spurred other Israeli dailies to add economic supplements, but this, in turn, limited Globes' potential readership growth from beyond the country's economic and industrial sector to the wider Israeli public. The newspaper succeeded in withstanding competition from a short-lived financial rival, the Telegraph (1993–96), edited by Golan after he left Globes. In 1996 Haggai Golan was appointed Globes' editor. It is a subscriber-only newspaper, published in the early evening after the closure of the Tel Aviv Stock Market. 3.4% of Israelis read the newspaper in 2005, according to a tgi Teleseker survey. Other estimates put their circulation at 35,000. The newspaper has Internet editions in Hebrew and English; according to Globes the Hebrew edition has 200,000 registered users.

[Yoel Cohen (2nd ed.)]