Glikin, Moshe

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GLIKIN, MOSHE (1874–1973), Zionist and yishuv leader. Born in Moscow, in 1892 Glikin went to Ereẓ Israel, where he worked as a laborer at Ein Zeitim. He returned to Russia in 1894 and later studied in Leipzig, where he was secretary of a student Zionist association. He attended the Fifth and Sixth *Zionist Congresses and voted against the *Uganda Scheme. He directed the office of the Zionist *Democratic Fraction in Berlin in 1902 and later worked at the offices of various Zionist periodicals in Russia. In 1908 Glikin returned to Ereẓ Israel, where he worked first in the Atid edible oil factory in Haifa and then at the Bezalel School of Arts and Crafts in Jerusalem. From 1910 he was director of *Migdal Farm. During World War i, he was exiled by the Ottoman authorities to Nazareth. In 1920 he was a delegate to the first Asefat ha-Nivḥarim ("the Elected Assembly" of the yishuv) and was a founder of the Hadar ha-Karmel, the new Jewish quarter of Haifa, where he then lived.


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