Gebiha of Be-Katil

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GEBIHA OF BE-KATIL (first half of the fifth century), Babylonian amora. Gebiha headed the academy of Pumbedita during the years 419–33 (Iggeret Sherira Ga'on (1921), 96) and lectured on halakhah at the bet ha-midrash adjoining the house of the *exilarch. His younger contemporaries *Amemar and *Ashi discussed the meaning of his pronouncements (Beẓah 23a). Gebiha, who spanned a number of generations of amoraim, mentions the rulings of Abbaye (Ḥul. 64b; Me'il. 10a), transmits cases that came before Rava (Av. Zar. 22a), and is also frequently found debating halakhic topics with Ashi (Ḥul. 26b; et al.).


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[Jacob Eliahu Ephrathi]