Gebhard of Salzburg, Bl.

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Archbishop; d. Salzburg, June 15, 1088. A member of the Suabian nobility, and chaplain to Emperors henry iii and henry iv, he served also as royal chancellor and ambassador to the Greek court (105759). Having become archbishop of Salzburg in 1060, he founded the Diocese of Gurk (1072) and the Abbey of admont (1074), organized parishes, suspended the tithe of the Slavs, and effectively supported gregory vii. He wrote a reliable description of the investiture struggle (now known only from second-hand sources) and a letter answering Bp. Herman of Metz regarding the election of antipope guibert of ravenna (Monumenta Germaniae Scriptores 8:459460). He was driven from his see by Henry IV and could return only in 1086. His remains rest in Admont; his canonization process was begun in 1629.

Feast: June 15.

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