García of Toledo

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Pseudonym of the author of the antipapal tract De reliquiis preciosorum martirum Albini et Rufini (generally recognized after 1076 as Silver and Gold ). In the tract, García in 1099 happens to accompany Archbishop Grimoardus (actually Bernard) of Toledo, who hopes to be confirmed as legate for Aquitaine after offering "relics" to the Roman Curia. urban ii and the cardinals received Grimoardus during a drinking feast and, impressed by his prowess as a drinker, granted his request. Throughout the tract the author parodies the words of the Bible and the liturgy in rude but witty satire, using homiletic and dramatic techniques with skill. Much of the work is modeled after classical Latin comedy. Although García calls himself a canon of Toledo in the title, the Pope addresses him in the tract as "brother," i.e., bishop.

Bibliography: Libelli de lite 2:423435. Geschichte der lateinischen Literatur des Mittelalters 3:46.

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García of Toledo

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García of Toledo