García Ortega, Adolfo 1958-

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García Ortega, Adolfo 1958-


Born May 22, 1958, in Valladolid, Spain.


Home—Madrid and Barcelona, Spain.


Writer and journalist. General Directorate of Books and Libraries Ministry of Culture, advisor, 1988-91; National Library of Spain, director of communications, 1992-95; El País-Aguilar, assistant director, 1995-2000; Seix Barral, Barcelona, Spain, editorial director, 2000—.


Premio NH de Cuentos, 1997.


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Los Episodios Capitales de Osvaldo Mendoza, Mondadori (Madrid, Spain), 1989.

Mampaso, Mondadori España (Madrid, Spain), 1990.

Los Días Rusos, Pre-Textos (Valencia, Spain), 1996.

Habitaciones Irreales (essays), Trama Editorial (Madrid, Spain), 1999.

Café Hugo, Ollero & Ramos (Madrid, Spain), 1999.

Lobo, Ollero & Ramos (Madrid, Spain), 2000.

El Comprador de Aniversarios, Ollero & Ramos (Madrid, Spain), 2002.

Autómata, Bruguera (Barcelona, Spain), 2006.

Te Adoro Kafka, Editorial Pre-Textos (Valencia, Spain), 2006.


Esta Labor Digital, 1983.

La Mirada Que Dura, Editorial Ayuso (Madrid, Spain), 1986.

La Ceniza del Paraíso y Otros Poemas, 1987.

Travesía, 1987.

Oscuras Razones, Trieste (Madrid, Spain), 1988.

Fortuna, Pre-Textos (Valencia, Spain), 1993.

Pienso Siempre En Aquellos: Antología Poética, 1983-2000, preface by Justo Navarro, Diputación de Granada (Granada, Spain), 2002.

Contributor to periodicals, including El País, La Vanguardia, Diario 16, El Urogallo, Quimera, Leer, Revista de Occidente, La Balsa de la Medusa, and Ínsula y Letra Internacional.


Adolfo García Ortega is a writer. Born in Valladolid, Spain, on May 22, 1958, García Ortega moved to the Spanish capital of Madrid in 1982 after finishing his schooling. It was around this time that his interest in literature deepened, and he began to write seriously. He worked as a journalist for a number of periodicals and literary magazines, including El País, La Vanguardia, Diario 16, El Urogallo, Quimera, Leer, Revista de Occidente, La Balsa de la Medusa, and Ínsula y Letra Internacional. From 1988 to 1991, García Ortega worked as an advisor for the General Directorate of Books and Libraries Ministry of Culture. From 1992 until 1995 he served as the director of communications for the National Library of Spain. After this he served as assistant director for the editorial department of El País-Aguilar until 2000. Mid-year in 2000 he was named the editorial director of Barcelona's Seix Barral publishing house.

García Ortega has translated the works of many writers and poets, including Jules Laforgue, Miquel Marti i Pol, Roland Topor, Valery Larbaud, Isabelle Eberhardt, J.P. Stahl, Alex Susanna, Roland Barthes, Gilles Aillaud, Pierre Klossowski, André Breton, Piero Manzoni, Blaise Cendrars, Raymond Queneau and Philippe Soupault. He was also the recipient of the Premio NH de Cuentos in 1997. García Ortega is frequently a panelist and conference presenter around Spain and Latin America due to his popularity and success as a writer and poet.

García Ortega has authored a number of books. One of his first books published was Privado Paraíso in 1988. This was followed with Los Episodios Capitales de Osvaldo Mendoza in 1989, Mampaso in 1990, Los Días Rusos in 1996, and a collection of essays in 1999 called Habitaciones Irreales. He also published Café Hugo in 1999. This was followed by Lobo in 2000, El Comprador de Aniversarios in 2002, and Autómata and Te Adoro Kafka in 2006.

García Ortega has written a number of poetry books throughout his career. Esta Labor Digital, published in 1983, was his first publication. He also wrote other collections in the 1980s, including: La Mirada Que Dura in 1986 and Oscuras Razones in 1988. In the 1990s García Ortega composed Fortuna in 1993 and La Ceniza del Paraíso y Otros Poemas in 1997. He continued with Pienso Siempre En Aquellos: Antología Poética, 1983-2000 in 2002.



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