Fioghi (Fiocchi), Fabiano

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FIOGHI (Fiocchi), FABIANO (16th century), Roman Catholic theologian. Born a Jew in Monte Salvino, Fioghi was baptized in Rome, where he was active as teacher and catechist of the Jewish candidates for conversion at the House of *Catechumens, Fioghi published a missionary tract in Italian, entitled Dialogo fra il Cathecumino et il Padre catechizante… (Rome, 1582); a second edition, Introduttione alla Fede fatta in forma di Dialogo, appeared in Rome in 1628. Even 200 years later R. Joshua Benzion *Segre attacked the anti-Jewish introductory and concluding poems of this book. A Hebrew poem by Fioghi, addressed to Pope Gregory xiii, is to be found in the Vatican Library, together with a Latin translation.


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