Fiocco, Pietro Antonio

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Fiocco, Pietro Antonio

Fiocco, Pietro Antonio, Italian-born Belgian composer, father of Jean-Joseph and Joseph-Hector Fiocco; b. Venice, c. 1650; d. Brussels, Sept. 3, 1714. After settling in Brussels, he married a Belgian woman in 1682; following her death in 1691, he remarried in 1692. In 1687 he became master of the ducal chapel. With Giovanni Paolo Bombarda, he was co-director of the Opera du Quai du Forn (1694–98). By 1696 he was lieutenant de la chapelle at the electoral court chapel, being named maitre de chapelle in 1706; he also served as maitre de musique at the Church of Notre Dame du Sablon from 1703. He composed music for the court and publ. a vol. of Sacri concerti for 1 and 2 voices (Antwerp, 1691). Among his extant instrumental works are a symphonia and a flute sonata. He also prepared special prologues for Lully’s operas.


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire