Eustace, Maurice

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Martyr; place and date of birth unknown; d. November 1587. He was the eldest son of John Eustace of Castlemartin and his first wife Elizabeth Pebhard. After being educated at Douai, Maurice entered the Jesuit novitiate at Bruges. His father wrote to his superiors and requested them to send him home, as he was his heir and only son of his first marriage. On returning home, Maurice reminded his father that he could make one of his other children his heir and returned to Bruges against his father's wishes, but was advised by the Jesuits to return home, as his place appeared to be in the world.

His father had him appointed a captain of cavalry. He was denounced as a Jesuit and as a participant in the Baltinglaso rebellion by a younger brother, eager to inherit. His father's will, probated in 1580, named his son William his heir. Maurice denied rebellion, but openly confessed his Catholic faith. Adam Loftus, Lord Chancellor, offered him his daughter in marriage, and a large dowry if he would change his faith. Maurice refused and was executed.

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