Eugenia, St.

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Abbess of Hohenberg (mont saintodile) in Alsace, c. 722 to c. 735. She succeeded her aunt, St. odilia, as abbess. Her father was Duke Adalbert of Alsace, and she seems to have had two sisters, (St.) Attala (c. 697741) and Gunlind, who also became abbesses. Eugenia was revered for her holy life and wise government and was buried in the Chapel of St. John the Baptist close to her aunt, thus sharing in the honor pilgrims paid to the patroness of Alsace. Few of her relics remained after the raids of the Swedes in the Thirty Years' War.

Feast: Sept. 16.

Bibliography: Acta Sanctorum Sept. 5:332335. g. bardy, Catholicisme 4:679.

[f. m. beach]

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Eugenia, St.

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