Enríquez (Henriquez) Basurto, Diego

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ENRÍQUEZ (Henriquez ) BASURTO, DIEGO (b. 1621), *Marrano poet, son of Antonio Enríquez *Gomez. Probably born in Spain, he lived with his father in Rouen, France, and later moved to the Low Countries. Apparently while in Antwerp, Enríquez was the target of a vicious lampoon written in 1664. Enríquez wrote a sonnet in praise of his father's Siglo pitagórico. A longer poem, El Triunpho de la Virtud y Paciencia de Job, dedicated to Anne of Austria, employs a variety of verse forms and is divided into six "visions," with intercalated portions of the Psalms (Rouen, 1649).


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Enríquez (Henriquez) Basurto, Diego

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