Enríquez, Manuel (1926–1994)

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Enríquez, Manuel (1926–1994)

Manuel Enríquez (b. 17 June 1926; d. 26 April 1994), Mexican violinist, composer, and music administrator. At age six Enríquez began violin study with his father in Ocotlán, Jalisco, and continued with Ignacio Camarena in Guadalajara. He directed the Guadalajara Symphony (1949–1955). A scholarship to the Juilliard School of Music (1955–1957) allowed him to study violin with Ivan Galamian and composition with Peter Mennin. With a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1971 he researched folk music in Spain and the same year enrolled in the Columbia-Princeton Research Center for Electronic Music. His music, written largely in nontraditional graphic notation, embraces, at times, serially recurring patterns of pitch, rhythm, and timbre, and free sections in which some elements of chance are left to the performers. He deliberately avoids nationalistic references. Enríquez taught composition at the National Conservatory of Mexico and has directed both the Carlos Chávez Center for Music Research and the music department of the National Institute of Fine Arts.

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Enríquez, Manuel (1926–1994)

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