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EN-RIMMON (Heb. עֵין רִמּוֹן), ancient town in the northern Negev. Originally part of the territory of Simeon (Josh. 19:7), it was absorbed by the tribe of Judah in the time of David (ibid. 15:32; i Chron. 4:32). It was resettled by Jews in the Persian period (Neh. 11:29). In the masoretic text of the Books of Joshua and Chronicles, En-Rimmon appears as two separate cities (Ain and Rimmon) but as one city in the Book of Nehemiah and the Septuagint. In the fourth century c.e. Eusebius refers to it as a large Jewish village (Onom. 88:17; 146:25). The name may be preserved in the Arabic Khirbat Umm al-Ramāmīn, about 8 mi. (13 km.) north of Beersheba.


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