Duran, Simeon ben Solomon

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DURAN, SIMEON BEN SOLOMON (R aShB aSh , Heb. acronym of R abbi Sh imon b en Sh elomo ha-Sheni ("the Second"); 1438–after 1510), rabbi and author. Simeon, son of Solomon b. Simeon *Duran (called RaShBaSh ha-Rishon, "the First"), was born in Algiers and succeeded his brother Ẓemaḥ *Duran as rabbi there. In 1499 he was active in the ransoming of 50 Spanish Jews who had been brought as slaves to Algiers (see Zacuto in bibl.). His attitude toward the Marranos from the religious point of view was lenient (his responsa Yakhinu-Vo'az pt. 2 nos. 3, 19, 31), regarding them as Jews. In his old age he had to flee from Algiers when the Spanish army was approaching Bougie and Tunis. He wrote responsa which are printed as the second part of Yakhin u-Vo'az (Leghorn, 1782), the first part being by his brother Ẓemaḥ. They are quoted by Joseph *Caro. He has been confused with Simeon (ha-Sheni) b. Ẓemaḥ.


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Duran, Simeon ben Solomon

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