Di-Zahav (Goldstein), Ephraim

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DI-ZAHAV (Goldstein), EPHRAIM (1902–1957), ḥazzan. Di-Zahav was born in Jerusalem and after completing his basic education studied in London. When he returned to Palestine he became involved in journalism and literature. He was an official of the mandatory government. He graduated in music from the Jerusalem Conservatory, and participated in oratorios and musical performances in Jerusalem. For six years he held the position of cantor in the Jeshurun synagogue in Jerusalem. When the Palestine Broadcasting Service was established in 1936 he was among its first employees. He was responsible for numerous programs for the radio's Hebrew hour, and participated in broadcasts of cantorial music, regularly reading the cantillation. After the establishment of the State of Israel, he continued to participate inthe traditional programs on both Kol Israel and the overseas broadcasts, Kol Zion Lagola. He published articles and stories in the Israeli press. Among his works are Mi-Sippurei ha-Dod Efraim (Uncle Ephraim's Tales) and Ẓeror Aggadot (An Anthology of Fables).

[Akiva Zimmerman (2nd ed.)]

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Di-Zahav (Goldstein), Ephraim

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