David ibn Hajjar

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DAVID IBN HAJJAR (12th century), Spanish talmudist and grammarian, and pupil of Isaac b. Jacob *Alfasi. Extracts from David's writings in Arabic on marriage contracts and divorce are cited in Hebrew translation in the collection of geonic responsa Sha'arei Ẓedek (1966, p. 33). Abraham *Ibn Ezra, in the introduction to his Moznayim, mentions David, the dayyan, in the list ziknei leshon ha-kodesh ("the sages of the Hebrew tongue"): "and R. David the dayyan ibn Hajjar, a Spaniard from Granada, also belongs to them, and decided to compose Sefer ha-Melakhim" – an Arabic work on Hebrew grammar. Ibn Hajjar is called Abu Suleiman ibn Muhagir by Moses *Ibn Ezra.


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