David ben Aaron ibn Ḥassin

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DAVID BEN AARON IBN ḤASSIN (Hussein ; c. 1730–c. 1790), liturgical poet, disciple and son-in-law of R. Mordecai *Berdugo. He lived at Meknès (Morocco) and his numerous piyyutim were popular among Moroccan and other Oriental Jews. Some of his compositions were published, with a foreword by Raphael Berdugo, under the title Tehillah le-David (Amsterdam, 1807; enlarged edition, Casablanca, 1931). In addition to piyyutim, the collection includes wedding and friendship poems, elegies, and a poetic description of the precepts of ritual slaughter, Mekoman shel Zevaḥim.


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David ben Aaron ibn Ḥassin

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