Davičo, Lujo

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DAVIČO, LUJO (1908–1942), Yugoslav dancer and ballet teacher. Davičo was born in Belgrade (Serbia) of a large Sephardi family and studied ballet using Jacques Dalcroze's method in Geneva. In the 1930s he worked in Belgrade as a teacher and creator of dance performances following Dalcroze's method. He choreographed ballets accompanied by rhythm movements alone. Among his choreographies are *Kharaj (meaning Muslim land tax), Dalcroze March, and League of Nation. His choreography also used folklore elements. As a freedom fighter opposing the Nazi-Italian occupation of Yugoslavia in 1941, he escaped to Montenegro and was killed participating in an attack on a group of Italian officers. A Belgrade ballet school was named after him. The Serbian National Ballet is named for him.

[Amnon Shiloah (2nd ed.)]