Córdoba, Alonso Fernandez de

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CÓRDOBA, ALONSO FERNANDEZ DE (late 15th century), Spanish silversmith, engraver, and typecutter, probably of a Marrano family. Córdoba worked from 1473 in Valencia but after leaving there was condemned to death in absentia, possibly on a charge of heresy. He then entered into a contract at Murcia with the Jewish silversmith Solomon Zalmati and the notary Dr. Gabriel Luis Arinyo for the production of the works of Bishop Jaime Perez. The partners were apparently also responsible for the publication of the Saragossan Catholic prayer book, Manuale Caesaraugustanum (Hijár, 1486). In this work, there is a beautiful border designed by Córdoba. This is also found in the Hebrew Pentateuch printed by Eliezer Alantansi in conjunction with Zalmati at about the same time. It has been suggested that Córdoba cut the incidental decorations and perhaps the Hebrew type used in the Hijár press.


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Córdoba, Alonso Fernandez de

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