Cordero, Angel Tomás, Jr.

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Angel Tomás Cordero, Jr.: (tōmäs´ änhĕl´ kôrdĕr´ō), 1942–, Puerto Rican jockey, b. Santurce. When he retired in 1992 he had won 7,057 races in 22 years. From 1977 to 1990 his mounts won over $5 million each year, a record. In 1976 he won the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont on Bold Forbes. He also won the Derby in 1974 (Cannonade) and 1985 (Spend a Buck), and the Preakness in 1980 (Codex) and 1984 (Gate Dancer). On retirement he returned to San Juan, trained horses, rode again briefly in 1995, and became a jockeys' agent.