Columba of Rieti, Bl.

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Patroness of Perugia, Italy; b. Angelella Guadagnoli, Rieti, Feb. 2, 1467; d. Perugia, May 20, 1501. Her name was changed to Columba when a dove flew over the font at her christening. Refusing the marriage arranged by her parents, she made a vow of virginity and entered upon a solitary life. At the age of 19, having become a Dominican tertiary, she left her seclusion, journeying to Viterbo, Narni, Foligno, and eventually to turbulent Perugia, where she founded the convent of St. Catherine (1490). Civil rulers and members of the hierarchy came to consult her; her influence as a peacemaker was remarkable. She practiced severe penances and endured painful illnesses and calumnies. She was particularly devoted to St. catherine of siena. When Columba was dying, the civil magistrates came to visit her, and the expenses of her funeral were defrayed by the city of Perugia. Her cult was confirmed in 1627.

Feast: May 20.

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Columba of Rieti, Bl.

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Columba of Rieti, Bl.