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Widow, Augustinian; b. Augustina Camozzi at Porlezza on Lake Lugano, Switzerland, c. 1435; d. Spoleto, Italy, Feb. 13, 1456. The daughter of a reputable physician, Augustina married and was widowed very young and then lived a worldly, disorderly life for several years. Converted, she entered the Third Order Regular of St. Augustine (see augustinian nuns) at Verona, taking the name Christina. Her extremely penitential life forced Christina to change her residence frequently to remain unknown and to avoid veneration by others. Her remains, formerly in the church of S. Nicolò, now rest in S. Gregorio Maggiore, Spoleto. Gregory XVI confirmed her cult Sept. 6, 1834.

Feast: Feb. 13.

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[m. g. mcneil]

Christina of Spoleto, Bl.

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Christina of Spoleto, Bl.