Chalom, Marcel

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CHALOM, MARCEL (1921–1985), poet, journalist, and translator. Chalom was born in Edirne and completed his education in Paris. He began his journalistic career at Le Journal d'Orient, where he wrote under the pen name Mar.Şal. He also worked at La Boz de Türkiye and Politika. In 1950 he returned to Paris, where he worked at L'Echo Sioniste. Between 1950 and 1953 he became the correspondent for Spain of two Turkish newspapers, Yeni Sabah and Istanbul Ekspres. From 1955 until his death he worked for Milliyet as its Spanish corrrespondent. While in Spain, he started teaching at the Oriental and African Studies Institute of Universidád Autónoma de Madrid. He translated poems of the well-known Turkish poets Nazim Hikmet and Yunus Emre into Spanish. He died before finishing his Turkish-Spanish dictionary. His works are Brumes et Soleil (1938), Les Juifs (1942), Poèmes Juifs (1949), Poetas Turcos Contemporáneos (1959), A Las Puertas del Mundo (1968), El Sembradór de Tristeza (1970), Nazim Hikmet Antologia Selección Traducción y Prólogo (1970), Yunus Emre Antologia Poetica (1974), and Espanol-Turco Cuadernos de Intérprete y Traductor (1982).


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