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CARDOSO (Cardozo) , ex-Marrano family, known to have lived in Morocco from 1540 onward. isaac nuÑes cardoso (18th century), born in Gibraltar, became dragoman for Sultan Muhammad ibn Abdallah. He acted as mediator in certain agreements concluded between Morocco and the Christian nations, notably in the treaty with the United States in 1786. His brother abraham cardoso (d. 1789), "merchant of the Sultan," was the victim of the intrigues of the favorite Elijah ha-Levi and was executed in a barbarous manner. jacob cardoso, born in Oran (1793?), was a prosperous Mediterranean merchant. Established in Lisbon, he rendered valuable service to the communities of Marseilles, Mogador, Larache, and Tangier, where in 1823 he obtained residence rights for Spanish political refugees. david cardoso (b. 1852), born in Tunis, was the first Tunisian barrister.


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[David Corcos]