Carducci, Bartolomeo

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Bartolomeo Carducci (bärtōlōmĕ´ō kärdōōt´chē, kärdōō´kō), 1560–1638, Italian painter, sculptor, and architect in Spain. He studied with Federigo Zuccaro, whom he accompanied (1585) to the court of Madrid. He assisted Tibaldi in decorating the library ceiling of the Escorial and executed some of the cloister frescoes. His masterpiece, Descent from the Cross, is in San Felipe el Real, Madrid. His brother Vincenzo Carducci, 1576–1638, succeeded him as court painter to Philip III. Vincenzo is the author of the Diálogos de la pintura (1633). The paintings of both brothers, though different in style, are marked by sobriety and an insistence upon moral tone.

See study by M. C. Volk (1977).

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Carducci, Bartolomeo

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