Cardoso, Felipe Santiago (1773–1818)

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Cardoso, Felipe Santiago (1773–1818)

Felipe Santiago Cardoso (b. 1 May 1773; d. 17 September 1818), Uruguayan politician. Cardoso played an important role in the period of the revolution of the Provincia Oriental, known today as Uruguay. He was elected representative for Canelones to the Congress of April 1813, which produced the famous Instructions of 1813—the first expression of federalist thought of the eastern caudillo José Artigas. Cardoso acted as a confidential agent of Artigas in Buenos Aires, attempting to win the inclusion of representatives from the Provincia Oriental in the constituent assembly, which the government of Buenos Aires opposed. The representatives were finally rejected for technical reasons, the real reason being their federalist ideas, which ran contrary to the centralism of the capital. Cardoso was a member of the town council of Montevideo in 1815, a time during which Artigas, from his camp in Purificación on the Uruguay River, exercised a protectorate over the provinces of the Argentine littoral.

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Cardoso, Felipe Santiago (1773–1818)

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