Bregstein, Marcel Henri

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BREGSTEIN, MARCEL HENRI (1900–1957), Dutch jurist. Born in Amsterdam, Bregstein was professor of civil law at Rotterdam University (1934–39) and professor of commercial and private international law at the University of Amsterdam (1939–40). After the war he became professor of civil law at the University of Amsterdam (1945–57). He served the university as its rector magnificus in 1951–52. He was legal adviser to the Dutch Treasury and a member of the commission for the revision of civil legislation. He represented Holland on the committee for the unification of the legal system of the Benelux countries. His collected works were published posthumously (Verzameld Werk, 2 vols., 1960), with a biographical sketch by H.G. Levenbach. His son, philo bregstein (1932– ), is the author of both novels and works of nonfiction and is a film-maker as well. In both books and documentaries he deals with Amsterdam Jewish history and antisemitism.


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