Blayer, Pietro

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BLAYER, PIETRO (1902–1978), Italian industrialist and Jewish communal leader. Born in Fiume, Blayer graduated in economics at the University of Trieste, and embarked on a banking career. In 1938, however, after the fascist racial laws, he entered his family's printing plant, and toward the end of World War ii escaped through the German lines and settled in Rome. Following nationalization of his family properties by the Yugoslavian government, which had annexed his native Istria region, he started a new advanced graphic-printing plant in Rome. In 1961 he was elected to the council of the Unione delle Comunità Israelitiche Italiane, where he directed the Finances and Properties Department for several years, displaying outstanding qualities as administrator. In 1972 he was elected vice president of the u.c.i.i. and in 1976, following the death of S. *Piperno-Beer, was appointed president.

[Sergio Della Pergola (2nd ed.)]