Blavet, Michel

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Blavet, Michel

Blavet, Michel, renowned French flutist and composer; b. Besançon (baptized), March 13, 1700; d. Paris, Oct. 28, 1768. He was self-taught as a musician, mastering both bassoon and flute. He went to Paris in 1723 with Duke Charles-Eugène Lévis, and made his debut at the Concert Spirituel in 1726, remaining as its most celebrated artist for some 25 years. He was acknowledged as the foremost flute virtuoso of his time.


DRAMATIC: Floriane, ou La Grotte des spectacles, comédie-ballet (Château de Berny, Aug. 25, 1752); Les Jeux olympiques, ballet héroïque (Château de Berny, Aug. 25, 1753); La Fête de Cythère, opera (Château de Berny, Nov. 19, 1753). CHAMBER: 6 Sonates for 2 Flutes, op.l (Paris, 1728; éd. by H. Ruf, Mainz, 1967); [6] Sonates mêlées de pièces for Flute and Basso Continuo, op.2 (Paris, 1732; éd. by W. Kolneder, Heidelberg, 1969); [6] Sonates for Flute and Basso Continuo, op.3 (Paris, 1740). OTHER: Flute Concerto (ed. in Florilegium Musicum, XI, Lorrach and Baden, 1956); instrumental and vocal music in anthologies of his day.

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire